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Jeff Kitchen, Author, Teacher and Dramatist

Jeff Kitchen is widely considered one of Hollywood’s top scriptwriting teachers and came up through New York theater, working as a dramaturg and teaching playwriting on Broadway.

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Photo by Bijou Mineo-Kitchen

What Industry Insiders Say

Jeff Kitchen is a brilliant dramatist and writer. He’s been teaching and guiding screenwriters for many years. His ability to analyze story and structure is profound. Jeff’s writing techniques and teaching have been invaluable tools in my own creative work. His attention to character, process and form have informed all of my work and will continue to do so. I start every script with the simple question that Jeff asks daily, “What do you want to leave the audience with?” The question and Jeff’s teaching form the foundation for compelling, honest work.

Ted Melfi – Writer/Director – Hidden Figures (nominated for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscars), St. Vincent, Going in Style

I’ve worked with Jeff one-on-one for many of my projects. His tools and insights push me to explore the material in a deeper way — and find the dramatic core of the situation. I know he’s made me a better writer and made my process more organized and more effective. I highly recommend his book, his classes, and his personal attention.

Jessica Sharzer – Writer/Producer – American Horror Story, A Simple Favor, Nerve

Your seminar for Development Executives was by far the best seminar I have ever taken. I have found the tools you discussed to be very instrumental in my analysis of scripts on a day to day basis. Your class is the most comprehensive one offered as far as making people understand how to apply the tools and make them work. Your approach is like no other. Your vast educational training in plays, television and films added so much more to the learning experience. This was one class that I can honestly say has helped me to become a stronger executive. I am very grateful to you. I recommend your seminar to anyone in the entertainment industry who wants to know what it takes to make a strong script.

Jen Grisanti – Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc.; Writing Instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge; former 12-year studio executive

Having taken virtually every screenwriting course in existence, I found Jeff Kitchen’s workshop to be the most valuable in town. His techniques and tools guide one through the entire process of screenwriting: from basic concept to general script structure and further down to the scene level. Jeff is a master teacher who truly understands the art and technique of the screenplay. His course is worth its weight in gold.

Chris Brancato – Writer – Sherlock Holmes 3, Narcos, Hannibal, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Species II, First Wave 

Jeff Kitchen’s seminar is not just theory, it’s nuts and bolts. And he provides you with a set of dramaturgical wrenches with which you can dismantle, then reassemble your screenplay idea and verify its dramatic integrity.

Michael McDonnell – Producer – The Usual Suspects, The Replacement Killers, Urban Legend, Fools Rush In, Crossroads 

Discover the book: Writing a Great Movie

Special Gift: Read the full Introduction to the book here

What Amazon Readers Say

This is a can’t miss read.
This is the best book on writing fiction I had ever read, I learn more from this book than I have from all the books I have read, I learn how to tighten up my story, add conflict, don’t use unnecessary script, how to build on what you have already written, and how to brainstorm your material to start a novel. I wish I had read this book before I read the other 100 plus on writing, this is a must have for reference.

Hollywood Beware!
Any independent filmmaker who doesn’t BUY THIS BOOK is going to suffer.

Want tools for the Trade?
This is the book to give them to you. It’s an unconventional approach, but for sure it adds an element that you can’t get anywhere else when you can’t figure out the next move.

My favorite book
I love this book so much, this was my second time purchasing it. Now I have a paperback at home and a Kindle version when I’m out. The backwards cause and effect is always helpful when I’m plotting, and I often go back to the conflict, resolution, and theme sections after I’ve started writing to make sure I’ve punched everything up enough.

Five Stars
Kitchen’s book provides concrete tools for my students to use to learn the craft of screenwriting.

Very Useful Book
If you want to know how to dissect a movie, this is the book for you. Mr. Kitchen will have you take a movie apart to its “spine” and lay bare the trail, from beginning to end, of the cause and effect of every dramatic event. I guess this is what studio execs call the “through line” Great book.
This is a must for your writing library
I’ve been writing screenplays for 20 years.. If have a screenwriting library with the likes of, Martell, Soth, Snyder, Fields, McKee, et al.. this is a must.. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my story skills.. This is the one book that improved my Dramatic skills.. and that’s the why people go to the movies.. and what sells screenplays..

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