Script Consultations

Jeff Kitchen was classically trained in playwriting technique, specializing in the work of the groundbreaking Broadway script doctor, William Thompson Price.

Writing a Great MovieJeff worked as a dramaturg in the New York theater, Playwrights Preview Productions (now Urban Stages) and taught playwriting on Broadway at the Negro Ensemble Company.

He then started teaching screenwriting and has taught for over twenty years in small high-intensity hands-on groups.

He teaches the craft of the dramatist, advanced structural technique, the core of dramatic action, script analysis, and plot construction. Jeff is a sought-after script doctor, plot construction specialist, and rewrite consultant.

He has taught his techniques to development execs from all the major Hollywood studios and they consistently say that he teaches the most advanced development tools in the industry.

He is the author of the book, Writing a Great Movie: Key Tools for Successful Screenwriting. Jeff now doing high-intensity training programs for professional scriptwriters as well as script consulting. Script Consultations

Jeff Kitchen provides Script Consultations to help new and professional writers solve story problems at the story, act, sequence and scene levels.

Each script consultation includes a treatment, script, or screenplay read, analysis, notes and phone consultation review of the notes and recommended solutions.

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