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If you’ve dreamed of becoming a working writer, Jeff Kitchen’s tools will give you the story building skills you need.

Class 1. Reverse Cause and Effect FREE

To be a great scriptwriter, you need storytelling skills as big as you can get them, and you need solid craft as a dramatist.

Central to dramatizing your story is creating a tight progression of the incidents in your story, such that the first one causes the second, which causes the third, and so on.

You create this tight chain of events by working backward from your story’s ending, linking each effect to its cause.

Jeff Kitchen gives you real know-how with this powerful tool by building a real script to demonstrate Reverse Cause and Effect in action.

Class 2. Sequence, Proposition, Plot

Sequence, Proposition, Plot is a three-step process that helps build your script’s underlying structure while you develop the story.

Sequence works with reverse cause and effect, featured in Jeff’s free class, turns your story into a tight progression of events, free of unnecessary detail. Proposition, Plot focuses on the central conflict in your script, setting up a potential fight around the end of Act I, and touching off the fight to the finish around the end of Act II, which gets the audience up on the edge of their seats wondering how it’s going to turn out.

Every part of your script is structurally unified and is imbued with consistent, coherent, compelling Dramatic Action.

Jeff has taught Sequence, Proposition, Plot to development executives at all the major Hollywood studios and they consistently say that it is the most advanced development tool in the industry.

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