When you join BuildYourScript.com you gain access to the training materials at your level as well as the member forums for that level.

If you purchase the Webinar Series Six Pack you will have access to all Webinar forums.

Level Price  
Webinar Series Six Pack - Save $ 85 $497.00 now. Select
Webinar 6. The Craft of the Dramatist $97.00 now. Select
Webinar 5. The Enneagram and the 36 Dramatic Situations: Building Blocks for Character and Story Creation $97.00 now. Select
Webinar 4. The Central Proposition: Creating Unity and Amplifying Conflict $97.00 now. Select
Webinar 3. Dilemma: The Core of Dramatic Power $97.00 now. Select
Webinar 2. Sequence, Proposition, Plot: The Master Tool for Plot Construction $97.00 now. Select
Webinar 1. Reverse Cause and Effect: Creating Structure Out of Chaos $97.00 now. Select
One Dollar Test Membership $1.00 now. Select

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